August 23, 2008 mcfadyena

Tacos for Trey tallies are in!

Since April 1st, the MPS II Fund has received more than $57,000 – over $32,000 was raised through Tacos for Trey and another $25,000 through an anonymous donation. A very big thank you to everyone for your support!
In July, Trey completed a series of Speech and Language tests. One was new and quite comprehensive and the other one was the one he did at this time last year. The new test gave us more information as to Trey’s specific strengths and weakness areas, so his SLP knows in exactly what areas they can work in the future, and the other tests gave us a great comparison for how far he’s com in the past year. And it’s great news! Trey has gained 12 monthes of skills in 12 monthes for receptive language (what he understands) and he’s gained more than 12 monthes of skills (around 15) in 12 monthes for expressive language (what he says). His language comprehension and vocabulary skills are average for a child his age, and all of his language difficulties are consistent with his hearing loss. This is awesome news!!!


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