December 14, 2011 mcfadyena

Online Auction to Benefit MPS II Research

Our second online auction is up! It will be live from Dec. 14-23 and will benefit the MPS II Research Fund (to read more about the fund and how it works, please visit Click on the links below to bid on items and donate for research to a cure for MPS II Hunter Syndrome!

1. 15-MINUTE Skype Chat with Ryan Robbins & Robert Lawrenson from Sanctuary

2. 15-MINUTE Skype Chat with Ryan Robbins & Robert Lawrenson from Sanctuary

3. Autographed Erik Christensen Rangers Jersey Signed by the Entire 2010/2011 Team

4. Men’s Marine Canvas Jacket worn on the Set of Stargate Atlantis (Authentic)

5. Autographed Star Trek Poster signed by Six Characters

6. Autographed Star Trek Cast Photo of Vaughn Armstrong

7. Autographed Stargate Universe Cast Photo of Mark Burgess

8. “Cher Rinoceros” by Graciela Rodo Boulanger
Our last online auction, which was live in September, raised over $20,000 for MPS II research. Our Once Upon a Cure Gala on September 24, 2011, raised enough to fund a $100,000 MPS II research grant. Click here to read about the request for applications we currently have out (the application deadline is February 29, 2012) and to read about the grants we have funded in the past.
Thank you in advance for your support. As I write this, I am sitting in a hospital in North Carolina while Trey participates in a clinical trial for a treatment that will hopefully extend his life. However, only a cure will save it. You are making that happen.


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