Tentative Meeting Scheduled


Tentative Meeting Scheduled

Hi Everyone,

As promised, I’m back to provide another update.  After speaking with the Ministry this afternoon, the Minister has set aside some time to meet with The Isaac Foundation and Morgan’s parents.  Things are tentatively set for Thursday.  However, that meeting will only be taking place if the Minister agrees to have Dr. Paul Harmatz on the line from Oakland Children’s Hospital and if Morgan’s MLA, Jake Stewart, can join us.

The rationale behind having both Dr. Harmatz and Mr. Stewart join us is simple - Dr. Harmatz is a world renowned expert in the field of MPS and this treatment and it’s important for him to be on hand to answer any questions that might be raised in the meeting and to try to shed some clarity on what this treatment can and can’t do for patients.  If the Minister doesn’t want Dr. Harmatz present, it indicates to us that the Minister doesn’t want to seek information and advice from the people that are the best in their field.  If that’s the case, we see no reason to meet.  We want to hear from the best, and we are hopeful Minster Boudreau does as well.

And Jake Stewart?  Well, he’s been the support for this family since the very start of this process, someone who’s been kind and caring when they need it the most.  The compassion he’s shown for Morgan and his family has been wonderful, and his support during such a meeting will be important.

I’ve made the request to the Ministry and await their reply.  So, for now we have a tentative meeting.  Hopefully we can get things sorted out soon.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had the opportunity to send Premier Gallant or Minister Boudreau your thoughts on this situation, you can use the form below.  Your message will land directly in their in-boxes, and your voice can be added to those that are speaking out in support of Morgan, of the life-saving treatment he needs, and for doing what’s right in the Province of New Brunswick.

Thanks, as always, for your support.


#Hope4Morgan - Send Premier Gallant and Minister Boudreau An Email!

Are you concerned with the recent decision by the Gallant Government to deny Morgan Doucet the life-saving treatment he needs?   We want the tens of thousands of people who have read Morgan’s story to have their voice heard.  Please take a moment to send your thoughts and concerns to Premier Gallant and to Minister Boudreau.  The form below will ensure your message will land directly in their in-box.  Please be respectful in your messages and thank you for your continued support as we work to ensure our kids get the help they need.

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