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JnJ Update

johnson_and_johnson_noUpdate – JNJ

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to drop in to provide a very quick update about recent progress made with JnJ and their commitment to do a full and proper study of Elmiron and it’s uses within the MPS Community. I will provide a broader update as soon as possible, but wanted to give a briefing while I had the chance.

Representatives of The Isaac Foundation met with Dr. Amrit Ray, Johnson and Johnson’s Chief Medical Officer, this afternoon in Toronto. Dr. Ray’s commitment to seeing this project move forward was very refreshing, and we trust him to ensure the speedy movement of this file moving forward.

In the coming weeks, the medical advisory panel assembled by the JnJ brass will gather to look at the data currently available and plot possible paths forward for the full study this drug needs as we seek to provide the best treatment options available for our children suffering from MPS.

While we are heartened with the level of dedication JnJ seems to have regarding Elmiron and MPS, The Isaac Foundation will continue to tirelessly advocate for the advancement of this process throughout it’s various stages and be on hand to ensure a thorough study is done for our kids. We know you will be with us along the way, ready to fight for what we all believe in. Our kids deserve the best treatment modern science can provide, and it’s our job to help them win the battles they are fighting.

Thank you for your continued support.

With Love,
The Isaac Foundation

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