19 June, 2009 mcfadyena

Kent Students Jump Rope For One Of Their Own

By Mark Hoult, Community Press

Campbellford – Last week the students of Kent Public School handed over a cheque for $4,271 for the Isaac Foundation. The money was raised by students who participated in last month’s Jump Rope Idol contest, an event held each year at the school to promote physical activity and to raise funds for worthy causes.

Last year the event raised money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. But this time the school decided to help one of their own, Isaac McFadyen and his foundation, said his junior kindergarten teacher Rhonda Rutherford, who organized the Jump Rope Idol, along with teacher Marlene Cole.

Isaac, 5, thanked his fellow students, in presenting the school with a plaque of appreciation, which reads: “With sincere thanks and appreciation, presented to Kent Public School in recognition and support of the Isaac Foundation.”

Rutherford said students responded enthusiastically to the competition and could be seen in the school yard practising their routines in the weeks leading up to the event. And the community responded generously by sponsoring the students, while local businesses donated food certificates, she said.

During his first year at Kent Isaac has become popular with his classmates and has even formed warm relationships with older students, Rutherford said, noting that he also enjoys the company of adults. And in the classroom he’s a joy to teach.

“Isaac is a fabulous student. He always challenges me every day, and comes in first thing in the morning and says, ‘Good morning, Miss Rutherford,’ bright and sunny. And I have to stay one step ahead of him; he’s always got new words for me.”

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