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NDP calls for reversal on denied drug coverage

By François Biber

October 8, 2015 – 6:15pm

New Democratic Party MLA Danielle Chartier is challenging the province to reverse its decision to deny medical coverage for the children of a Saskatoon family with a rare disease known as Morquio A Syndrome.

“The Sask. Party government has denied three children their only hope to stop the progression of a terrible and debilitating disease it’s clear they have used incorrect information to make that decision,” Chartier told reporters in Saskatoon.

Earlier this week Muhammad-Amir Akhter was told by Health Minister Dustin Duncan, the province would not cover his children’s Vimizim treatment, a synthetic enzyme that helps the body break down cellular waste. Duncan added he was seeking out-of-province advice to see if this is the best treatment for Muhammad Abdullah, 12, Khadija Amir, 10 and Sara Amir, 8.

But Chartier said there are already 29 patients in Canada using the treatment, including one in Saskatchewan.

“First of all the government should be doing this on a compassionate basis, this is these children’s only hope, so if the government isn’t going to be compassionate they need to look at the evidence,” Chartier said, adding she believes Duncan’s claim that the drug hasn’t been proven to work for children under the age of five is completely false.

According to Health Canada, which has approved Vimizim, the safety and efficacy of the drug have not been established in children less than five years of age.

However, a common drug review conducted by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies and Health (CADTH) states in a report that evidence did not support the achievement of outcomes known to be clinically relevant to patients using Vimizim. The report also states the long-term safety profile of Vimizim requires further evaluation.

But for Akhter’s children, the situation isn’t getting any better without treatment.

“It’s heart-breaking. I understand, but we’re not losing our heart. We are staying positive and hopefully my kids will be getting the treatment and we will be able to see them happy and healthy in the future, I’m sure,” he said.

Coming in at around $300,000 per treatment, Akhter said they can’t afford treatment for three children without help from the province.

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