Run For a Cure – For Jack Higginson

This warm-up run is dedicated to Jack Higginson, a sweet little boy battling MPS II. This run was a little longer, and a bit more difficult. But thinking of the pain and heartbreak Jack and his family suffer through day in and day out as they battle this disease gave me the motivation to keep going and finish strong.
Families dealing with the diagnosis of MPS II have the double agony of diagnosis coupled with the excruciating wait until age 6 or 7, an age where they will know whether their child is battling cognitive impairment as a result of the disease. 

MPS is a tough battle, and the strength, courage, and determination it takes to battle through a diagnosis of Hunter Syndrome is something that only the strongest people can undertake. Jack’s family have been incredible advocates and fighters for our kids – the strongest people I know. They are kind, caring, and compassionate, and will be a big reason why we find a cure for Hunter Syndrome! This one was for you, Jack. And for you lovely Higginsons! See you on race day!