Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement


Love, Laughter, and Hope

The Isaac Foundation’s mission is to fund innovative research projects that aim to find a cure for MPS, a rare, debilitating, and devastating disease.  

We provide support for families of individuals suffering from MPS and advocate on their behalf to ensure government funding for expensive, life-sustaining treatments are covered by the health care system.

Since 2007, we have provided over $600,000 to research grants that seek to cure MPS. We will continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness of this disease, and support and educate families as they deal with the devastating diagnosis that MPS can bring, until we find a cure.

5th Annual GALA FOR A CURE!

Featuring Multiple Juno Award Nominee DANNY MICHEL! 
Danny Michel Cutout

Danny Michel will perform at the GALA FOR A CURE on November 15th, 2014.

Danny Michel has reached a point where his musical vocabulary is so broad, his songwriting and arranging chops so sharp, his guitar playing so distinctive and his taste for the right sonic touch so impeccable that he can do whatever he wants and make it compelling. EYE MAGAZINE 5/5 STAR REVIEW

We are pleased to announce that multiple Juno Nominee Danny Michel will be returning to perform an intimate show at our 5th Annual GALA FOR A CURE!

Our evening will feature wine tasting, an extensive silent auction, dinner, awards, a dance, and an intimate musical performance by multiple Juno Award Nominee, Danny Michel!  Proceeds from our event will support leading edge medical research that is very close to finding a cure for the rare and progressive disease, MPS VI.

Danny’s official biography notes, “With three JUNO nominations, the Polaris Prize long list and a pile of albums under his belt, Danny Michel is unquestionably one of Canada’s finest songwriters. His thoughtful lyrics & earnest performances have earned him a devoted global fan base. A musical chameleon, able to slip into many genres with ease. He is an adventurous & fearless artist.

Once again, Michael George will be our opening act.  Michael’s incredible songwriting ability, coupled with his beautiful voice and delivery, has made him Gala Favourite.  Michael has performed at every Gala we have hosted, and our guests always want him back for more!  The Isaac Foundation is thrilled to welcome both Danny and Michael back for our 5th Annual GALA FOR A CURE!  Their kindness, warm heart, and true friendship to Isaac and all kids suffering from MPS is something we cherish and their commitment to our organization helps carry us as we seek to find a cure for our kids.


Sincere Thanks To Our Growing List of Sponsors! 



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News From Our Blog

We'll do our best to keep our news blog updated. Check back often to read what's happening at The Isaac Foundation and with MPS throughout Canada!

Always a trooper. #Brave


Quick...well not that quick, visit to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto today for Orthopaedic Surgeon followup. It was a 4 hour wait (really, this needs to be fixed) to see the surgeon, but he had great news! Isaac's kyphosis (curvature of the spine) has improved by 4%, and his slipped disc has corrected itself. While we can't be certain, we're

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- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - PC Leadership Candidates Continue Silence On Funding For Rare Disease Treatments in Alberta In a leadership race widely criticized as being void of ideas and real policy debate, The Isaac Foundation is again offering candidates an opportunity to get on record about an issue affecting the lives of a number of Alberta children. Last week,

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MPS Dads – West Coast Edition ;)


Had a great visit with Dane Sadownyk today on the anniversary of Aleena's treatment approval! What a great family, and an inspiration to all families fighting MPS. I look forward to many years working together, Dane. Thanks for a great

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