An Update, and Some Perspective


An Update, and Some Perspective

Isaac had another good day today! He sat up a few times, was able to raise his head for a very short amount of time, and even stood (with assistance) for about 30 seconds! We are hopeful to stand for a bit longer tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, take a step or two! He is a long way from dancing at our GALA FOR A CURE next weekend, but he’s making progress and we’re thankful for every little inch we make forward.

A children’s hospital is a tough place to be in on the best of days. But on evenings and weekends, it’s downright sad and awful. Sound echoes through the empty halls, and the people who remain in the mostly deserted building are here for the most heartbreaking of reasons. We are some of lucky ones - we know that Isaac will be home soon, out and able to fight his disease for another day. But many kids in here won’t ever be leaving, and it really puts everything into its proper perspective.

Don’t worry about the small things - most things we get upset about pale in comparison to the fight the kids in here face every day. To highlight this, a stat call was just made on our floor for neurology, followed by a code blue. Worst of the worst. Some little one is suffering, some parent hurting. It shouldn’t ever be like this for our kids.

Please Keep things in #perspective. The last decade I’ve spent with Isaac at Sick Kids has taught me to do just that.

Forget the small things, the little annoyances, the petty problems. Cherish the time you have with those you love. And tell them as much. Go out more, do more, live more. Give your kids an extra long hug tonight, give them an extra kiss.

Thanks for being here, as always, and helping us along the way. Oh - yes, we are reading a book called “No Girls Allowed!” - it’s why Mom isn’t in the photo 😈