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John Mayer Isn’t Quite The Jerk He Seems To Be

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Despite his recent derogatory remarks, John Mayer takes the time to reach out to a sick child and family in need. Do you think he deserves a break from all the criticism?

John Mayer has gotten a lot of deserved flack lately for dropping the n-word and making un-gentlemanly remarks about ex-girlfriends Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson in Playboymagazine, but the loose-lipped rocker does have one fan, who says John is a stand-up guy for spending time with his ailing son, Limelife reports.

Five-year-old Isaac McFadyen is battling a rare enzyme deficiency known as MPS VI, and for the past two years, John, 32, has been working intimately with Isaac and his charity, the Isaac Foundation, to find a cure for the disease.

Isaac’s dad, Andrew, is now defending the rocker via his blog. “I know he has said things that turn people off. I know he’s said things that make him sound like someone you would never want your children around — ever. But I also know the person that he truly is and the good things he tries to accomplish with the celebrity status he’s achieved,” Andrew wrote Feb. 11.

He added, “A few minutes ago I asked Isaac to tell me three words he would use to describe John. He responded ‘Nice, friendable, and loveable.’ Print that bloggers, and give John his fair shake.”

It’s easy to see why Andrew and Isaac are fans of Mayer the Player: they see a different side of him from the rest of the world (call it his sensitive side, if you will). John not only chatted with Isaac backstage before his Toronto concert, but gave the sick 5-year-old a Valentine’s Day show and an on-stage shout-out (see video).

After watching the video, even we have to admit seeing John vulnerable was pretty endearing. Even though he says outrageously offensive things and seems to have no filter, do you think he’s a good guy at heart? Does watching this video make you — sort of — forgive him?

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