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Treatment funding denied for 3 children with rare genetic disease

SASKATOON – It’s a parent’s worst nightmare; watching your child lose a battle to a devastating disease. Now imagine having to suffer through it multiple times.

Muhammad, Sara and Kadija Akhter suffer from a rare but crippling genetic disease called Morquio Syndrome that’s changed their childhood.

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“This syndrome is progressive. So every day they are losing something … they’re losing more and more. So it’s getting tougher for the family as well as the kids,” said their father, Amir Akhter.

There is no cure, but until recently, there was still hope. The family was anxiously hoping the province could pay for a treatment called Vimizim. The therapy could help them live longer and could even halt the progression of their disease.

The therapy costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On Monday, there was more heartbreak. The family was denied funding for the treatment.

“I should say that we are although walking and eating…we sometimes feel that we are not alive. And we have many challenges. And there is no hope from any end,” said Akhter.

It’s something Amir Akhter would never say in front of them but without therapy, Muhammad, Sara and Kadija could die. Still, they’re hopeful.

They spent Monday in Regina, urging the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and the premier to reverse the province’s decision.

“Hopefully if we get that treatment … there is a new life, new whole life, new world, everything for us, for our family,” said Akhter.

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But Saskatchewan Health Minister Dustin Duncan argues that because the kids are past the age of five, this particular treatment may not even be effective.

“The health world is so complex and there are so many diseases and so many drugs. You want to be able to say yes to everyone but … healthcare dollars as wisely as possible,” Duncan said. Still, the minister says he will have a second look.

On the other hand, others argue that there’s no time for that and that this therapy is their last shot at survival.

“They deserve a lifeline. They deserve some hope. And the potential of halting this disease is so critically important to this eight-year-old, this 10-year-old this 13-year-old and of course, this family,” said Saskatchewan NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon.

Although a decision has already been made, they are expected to hear back about a reversal in the next 10 days.

Until then, the family will hold on to all they have, their children and hope.

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